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Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Sarah Raynor                                  e-mail:
Director for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessments
516 Jordan Street
Jacksonville, IL  62650
Phone: (217) 243-9411 
Fax: (217) 243-6844


Community Made Math

 Do you have a real life math scenario that you have had to solve in your workplace or home?

Are you willing to share?

Jacksonville School District is looking to enhance the K-12 math curriculum.  The District is inviting community members to submit "real life" math story problems for use in the classrooms.  Students will be challenged to work the problems and make connections from the student desk to the real world.  Your input would directly impact the preparedness of students for the workplace and life!

 CLICK HERE to submit your math problem.


Illinois Interactive Report Card

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