Operations and Maintenance

Craig Castleberry                           

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Director of Operations and Maintenance
516 Jordan Street
Jacksonville, IL  62650
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District #117 Facilities

District #117 maintains 546,700 feet under roof.

Jacksonville School District #117 covers 222 square miles in the center of Morgan County, Illinois.  Facilities include thirteen buildings consisting of six elementary schools, one junior high school, one high school, a central administration building, bus garage, an alternate school, and gym and field house.

There are a total of 546,700 square feet under roof.  Eight maintenance staff and 26 custodians work two shifts between 6:00 am and 10:30 pm.  The second shift allows for work to be done in classrooms when students are not present.

Asbestos Management Plan

Pursuant to the requirements of the AHERA Act and the Management plan, section XV, titled Plan Distribution and Notification, the Local Education Authorities (LEA) is required to annually notify the public of the management plan availability and actions taken.
To parents, students, teachers, staffs and their respective organizations:
The Asbestos Hazards Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1987 identifies the school district as the Local Education Authorities (LEA) and requires such authorities and school districts to formulate a plan for the identification, inspection, re-inspection and maintenance of asbestos containing building materials used in many common building components and to provide a management plan /book for recording all pertinent information and documentation of these initial and ongoing observations and activities. AHERA also requires that the LEA make this plan available to anyone entering and using a district facility.  
Jacksonville School District #117 has complied with these Federal requirements for formulating such plans and has followed the guidelines for the inspection and re-inspections as proscribed in the AHERA Act.  
We provide ongoing maintenance, training of workers who may come in contact with asbestos materials, update the management plan as activities present themselves and contract with certified businesses for the testing and removal of known and found materials which may be disturbed during necessary repairs or projects. Each school site and district building has a management plan specific to that particular building.

The plan/book is available to all interested persons and must be acknowledged by anyone who may provide services to that building and may disturb building systems, such as wall and ceiling finishes, thermal insulation, fire retardant compositions or floor tiles, identified as asbestos containing.
Management plans are available in the main office of each school building. A second copy is maintained in the:
Facilities Management office
516 Jordan Street
Jacksonville, IL  62650
(217) 243-9411 
Craig Castleberry, Director of Buildings and Grounds, is the LEA Designated Person (DP) and is available to answer or research answers for any questions about the management plan or ongoing maintenance and operations regarding asbestos containing building materials in our school buildings. You may contact Craig at (217) 243-9411 (ext. 316); or visit the office at 516 Jordan Street, Jacksonville, IL  62650.  
The plan requires six-month and three-year re-inspections to determine the condition of known or assumed asbestos containing building materials. Six-month inspections are ongoing.   Our scheduled three-year inspections were completed in 2008.  We continue to provide maintenance on non-friable materials, classified as short term, small-scale projects, including the cataloging, storage and disposal in approved landfills.

Integrated Pest Management


For several years, School District #117 has contracted with commercial applicators for the continual control of pests in and around school facilities as well as ongoing turf management for the enhancement of our athletic fields.  In addition, employees of the Department of Buildings & Grounds, School District #117, spray fences, sidewalks, and other areas of District property to reduce weeds.

To facilitate these programs, it has required the use of airborne fertilizers and pesticides as well as bait products.

Current commercial applicators and school district personnel who apply pesticides in, around or on School District facilities are required to be licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Environmental Programs.


SB 529 was signed by Governor Ryan on August 13, 1999 as P.A. 91-0525 with an effective date of August 1, 2000.

Section 3.26 -    Defines "school".

Section 10.2 -    Requires schools to adopt, when economically feasible, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program which incorporates the guidelines developed by the IDPH (e.g. Integrated Management of Structural Pest in Schools - 1994; A Practical Guide to Management of Common Pests in Schools.)

If not economically feasible, school districts must notify the IDPH in writing with supporting cost analysis data for public record and review.

Provides that a school employee should be appointed to oversee pest management operations and record keeping.

Section 10.3 -    Describes the notification procedures which school districts are to perform two business days prior to any pesticide application in a school excluding anti-microbial agents and insecticide or rodenticide baits.

Provides that notification is to be via a school registry of those participants (e.g., parents, guardians and teachers) who want to be contacted, or, in its absence, notification is to be to all parents, guardians and teachers in a school.

Allows for a variety of notification formats; school newsletters, bulletins, calendars, other school published correspondence.

Notification may be postponed if appropriate school personnel deem there to be an "imminent threat to health or property", sign a statement attesting this and provide notification as soon as practical.


At the December 15, 1999 meeting, the School Board adopted OPERATIONAL SERVICES 4:160-R which addresses training, equipment, development of the registry and notification. 

A registry of individuals who wish to be notified prior to the application of pesticides is now being developed.  You may be placed on the registry by notifying the School District Central Office in writing.  If you change your address during the school year, please notify the School District in writing at the address below. 

In Person or By Mail:

Jacksonville School District #117 
Attn:  Business Office
516 Jordan Street 
Jacksonville, IL  62650 

Information regarding The Pest Management and the District Registry will be included in the school handbooks at the beginning of each school year.